Announcing the Rampage Alpha, designed by Strike Industries

This is a modular chassis system designed specifically for the P320 FCU including a version for the P320 training airsoft replica.
Rampage Alpha
The Rampage is the first aluminum P320 chassis in the market that can provide over 20 different setup combinations. The Rampage Alpha will be released in 2022 by Strike Industries and Airsoft Evike. 
Rampage Alpha
Before the official release date of the Rampage Alpha, there will be a unique opportunity for you to collect the world’s first Rampage 3D VR NFT token.
By owning this token, you can collect, trade, play and showcase your NFT weapon in your VR armory.
Rampage Alpha
Most importantly, owners of the Rampage NFT tokens will have priority rights to own the Rampage modular chassis system at a discounted price!!
Make sure you follow them on their socials and website for future updates and releases.

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More product news from Strike Ind. or Evike on our blog, can be found here or here!


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