Feel the HEAT!

If you’re into classic movies and reenacting, you definitely know where this rig comes from. Seen in the infamous 1995 movie HEAT, the actors used it during their bank heist and the following shootout scene in downtown Los Angeles which don’t need to be explained in detail I guess.

This nearly 15-minute-long sequence made HEAT a cinematic legend at its time!

The 'Heat' Rig
The 'Heat' Rig

At Komandostore you can now pre-order an authentic replica vest as seen in the movie, featuring everything fully operational.

You want to step out with your next kit? Put this rig on your Christmas list!

Need a matching rifle? Grab the VFC M733 GBBR and you’re good to go! More intel here…

Grab yours >> www.kommandostore.com/the-heat-rig


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