HEAT UP THE CLASSIC – with the Colt Licensed Series GBBR

We saw it presented during MOA Show already, now its here! The VFC Colt Model 733 GBBR. Get a closer look at it first on AMNB.

VFC Colt Model 733 Commando GBBR is built and authorized by Cybergun, with fully authorized markings. Reproduce The Model 733 Commando classic type, including details and engravings are complete and exquisite.

VFC Colt Model 733 Commando


The Colt Commando Series first appeared on the CAR-15 submachine gun and XM177 series in the 1960s. In 1984, Colt developed a series of new short-barreled Commando submachine guns based on the M16A2, and the M733 was one of those types.

The new version of the Commando series launched the M733 and M735 models at the beginning, which are equivalent to the shortened versions of the 720/723/727 series of M16A2 carbine. The M733 uses the A1-type firing control system, that is, safe-semi-auto ( S-1-F) , the early M733 used A1-style windage dial, and later switched to A2-style.

VFC Colt Model 733 Commando

The Colt’s Commando series all use 11.5-inch barrels, but the M733 type only installs the M16A2 type flash suppressor, so the muzzle noise and muzzle flame when in the combat are annoy the user.

But, its compact shape for the CQB combat environment, so it still adopted by some SWAT teams in the United States, and also deployed by the Israeli Defense Forces and French special forces.

Full details >> www.vegaforce.com/M733

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