Get Next Level Durability with the BCM® Mod 2 Stock

Made by industry experts right here in America – the BCM® Mod 2 Stock is a great improvement over the baseline M4 accessory with enhanced ergonomics, and next-level durability.

BCM® Mod 2 Stock

Our Mod 2 Stock fits on Mil-Spec carbine receiver extensions, has been re-contoured into a patented* semi-clubfoot design, and is optimized for intermediate-length receiver extensions (MK2, AR10, A5). These improved lines also enhance shooting in the prone position while remaining snag free, without snags or tangles in gear like slings or PPE.


BCM® Mod 2 Stock

Retaining the patented internal latch system and the ambidextrous rotation limited QD interface, the BCM Mod 2 Stock features an end user removable buttpad, an improved VBOST (Vehicle Borne Operations Sling Tab) sling retention point, “plus two additional web sling attachments slots.

BCM® Mod 2 Stock

The VBOST is an interface that provides multiple positions for retention bands when the weapon system is run with the sling “S-folded” against the stock. Typically configured in this manner for vehicle operations or concealed “low vis” movement, the VBOST creates options for the end user that can be vital in critical life saving situations.

BCM® Mod 2 Stock

Selecting between a rubberized pad, traditional in light infantry operations; or solid diamond textured non-slip surface, optimized for high-ready weapons manipulation, the removable Modular Buttpad is capable of enabling both techniques.

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