Introducing the Thyrm DarkVault 2.0


It’s here!

The DarkVault 2.0 provides complete protection for your mobile comms device without the need for a bulky phone case. Available in signal-blocking versions for cyber protection.

DarkVault 2.0

While the original Darkvault® remains our generalist critical gear case, the DarkVault 2.0 is purpose-built for smartphone use in austere environments. Attach the DarkVault 2.0 to plate-carriers or chest rigs and you can quickly dock and use your phone for navigation, ballistics info, ad-hoc mesh comms, or any other use.

DarkVault 2.0

Built to work with normal phone cases, you no longer need to run a bulky, conspicuous case just to have a tactical mounting solution. Choose our upgraded blocking versions to reduce electromagnetic signature by 110dB, significantly reducing susceptibility to geolocation or data access.

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