Medic Monday Feature – First Aid Complete MKII Kit

This kit is just perfect as a first aid equipment for all your outdoor activities. Ideal for missions up to 7 days and it supports 1 – 4 people. If you want to go with an already prepare kit because you’re not sure what to pack into a first aid kit, this guy right here has you covered!

First Aid Complete MKII

Package includes:

  • Handle
  • All-round zip
  • Hook-and-loop closure patch on the frontside (loop)
  • 3x SAN wound compress 10 × 10 cm, non-adhesive
  • 1x medium-sized bandage pack, non-adhesive compress
  • 1x large bandage pack, non-adhesive compress
  • 1x Leukoplast® wound plaster 50 × 6 cm
  • 1x fixation plaster 30 × 15 cm
  • 1 roll of sport tape 10 m × 2,5 cm
  • 1x straight pair of bandage scissors, sharp/blunt
  • 1x tweezers 9 cm
  • 2 pairs of vinyl gloves
  • 1x triangular bandage (viscose)
  • 1x dressing 60 × 80 cm
  • 1x rescue blanket 160 × 210 cm
  • 1x checklist
  • 10x alcohol swabs
  • MOLLE system on the backside

Gear up and be prepared for the next adventure with the First Aid Complete MKII! And remember: you don’t need to be a doctor to save a life!

Grab yours >>

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