Introducing the Specna Arms SA-J06 EDGE Carbine

Specna Arms J-Series™ carbine replicas are made mainly of steel. The presented SA-J06 airsoft replica is no exception. Steel elements include the receiver and one-piece external barrel. The Hop-Up chamber is made of metal. To increase the realism of the appearance various parts are covered with a special coating.

The presented model has a tactical stock and a new S-Mag mid-cap magazine (the box includes 2 S-MAG mid-cap magazines). Like the live firearm original, the stock, pistol grip, magazine, and stock adaptor were all made of polymer.

The set includes two original, polymer S-MAG mid-cap magazines for 130 BB’s each. Replicas are compatible with the majority of magazines by other brands but using their products may require some modifications.

Inside the SA-J06 EDGE™ replica you will find Gearbox ORION™ V3 that is characteristic for its high reliability at stock. The mechanism is prepared for further tuning and cooperation with M140 main springs.

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