Imminent Threat Solutions Launches 10-4 Radio Pouch and Sharp Pouch

Arlington TX, November 2020 – Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release two new products featuring the DoubleDuty™ Retractor Pocket, designed to provide dummy-proof retention using either the new ITS FailSafe™ Retractor or a heavier duty retractor.

The third generation of the ITS 10-4 Radio Pouch™ now fits additional sized radios, features enhancements to the four built-in levels of retention, a new drawbridge and the all-new DoubleDuty™ Retractor Pocket. It also offers limitless mounting options using the versatile 4-Way Mounting System™.

The all-new ITS SHARP™ (Shears Holster and Retention Pouch) was born out of necessity, the mother of all invention.

It sheds traditional bulky storage methods that lack functionality and provides limitless mounting potential to enable quick access with up to two levels of retention for your trauma shears.

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