It’s coming, the TAC-41 A from Silverback

This news just went hot of the press yesterday. The TAC-41 A is about to release soon the company announced via their social media channels. You want one? Read about the facts right below.

TAC-41 A

The new TAC-41 A will be released in September. This aluminium version of the TAC-41 features a foldable stock, a short barrel, and a long magazine (110 bbs capacity). This chassis will also be available alone.
TAC-41 A
They are also increasing their offer for parts and accessories to enhance even further the already large customization choice; these parts will be released this month:

– long magazines are incoming, 110 rounds capacity, available in 4 colors.
– Barrel base, designed to use with our line of carbon barrel extensions, offering new customization possibilities, please check the chart for all details.
– Match Trigger, available with black or red trigger blade, adjustable in height and angle, ball bearing mounted.
– Silverback Muzzle brake, 24mm CW, that fits on all our 24mm CW threaded barrels (SRS Gspec / Sports barrel and all TAC-41 barrels)
TAC-41 A

For those waiting for MDR-X AEG, it’s getting closer, we will update you ASAP!

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