SIG SAUER Expands SIG Professional Program to Commercial Dealers

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 5, 2023) – SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the expansion of the SIG Professional Program (SPP) – offering discounted pricing on select SIG SAUER firearms to those who protect and serve our communities – to commercial Master and Elite dealers. 

“Until now the SIG Professional Program has been limited to specific dealers, now with the expansion of availability in the commercial market at SIG Master and Elite dealers, more law enforcement, military, first responders, and security personnel will have the opportunity to take advantage of this generous program and the benefits it offers,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales.

SIG SAUER Professional Program

How does the SIG Professional Program Work? With proof of proper credentials, any qualifying military, law enforcement, or security professional can receive discounting on select popular SIG SAUER firearms.  The program can be accessed through commercial Master and Elite Dealers in addition to the current law enforcement dealers. 

The SIG Professionals Program is open to:

  • Active-duty military with an active-duty identification
  • Corrections officer (including parole and probation officers)
  • Sworn law enforcement officers (including federal, state, county)
  • Retired law enforcement officers with “retired” credentials
  • Retired military with retired military identification
  • Active reservists with military identification
  • Active national guard with military identification
  • Active or retired law enforcement with official agency credentials
  • Court officers with official agency credentials or official documentation
  • State / County / City Coroners with official agency credentials or official documentation
  • Full time first responders with current credentials or official documentation
  • EMT’s, Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters, and Paramedics.

To learn more about the program visit, and to locate any participating SPP Dealer in your area visit

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