More ILT-D gear from SAAB for uK Forces

Saab has signed an initial three-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence, for the provision of support to Live Simulation systems with ILT-D (Instrumented Live Training), valued at £60M and options to extend until 2030. 

ILT-D (Instrumented Live Training)

The ILT-D contract replaces the previous DFWES (Direct Fire Weapon Effect Simulator) contract. ILT-D supports high-fidelity systems that use a blend of laser and geometric pairing technology to simulate direct and indirect fire effects. This data-rich capability provides objective feedback which is used to inform the After Action Review (AAR) process and validate training.

James Passmore, VP Director of Marketing and Sales, Saab UK said:
“As Saab Training and Simulation marks 30 years of collaboration with the British Army, we are delighted that ILT-D is in place to support training for the next epoch. This contract exemplifies our commitment to delivering world leading live simulation capabilities at the point of need, so the UK can conduct training as both a deterrence and reassurance around the globe.”

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