RWA Nighthawk Custom Recon


The New RWA Nighthawk Recon (CO2 powered) pistol is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft. Learn more about it below:

FULL METAL construction, Co2 powered GBB NightHawk Recon, is an incredibly reliable GBB. Based in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas USA, Nighthawk Custom is world famous for their high quality custom 1911 pistols which are the market leader for high performance shooters and competition shooters.


RWA Nighthawk Recon


As seen in the MAGPUL DYNAMICS video used by the instructors, Nighthawk Custom pistols are refined to the highest levels of craftsmanship. Chris Costa & Travis Haley both use Nighthawk Custom pistols in their 1911 instructional classes, which says a lot about the quality and performance of Nighthawk Custom 1911s. The RECON is based on a special model that Chris Costa designed for Nighthawk Custom.


RWA Nighthawk Recon


Designed for skirmishing, the Recon is powered by CO2 and delivers a very strong recoil kick as well as very effective power of 400fps on 0.2g BB’s. Performance is stable and effective even in cold weather. It also offers an accessory rail system for attaching flashlights and lasers for tactical use.


RWA Nighthawk Recon


NightHawk Custom pistols are the choice of experts who know that they can only depend on the best. This officially licensed model is replicates a real single stack 1911 with the same dimensions, functional features, field stripping and shooting mechanics. It is designed to deliver solid performance at an affordable price. Removable and re-loadable full size magazine means you can also practice fast reloads using the realistic slide lock feature.

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