The airsoft DMR is kind of the middle child sandwiched between CQB rifles and long-range semi-autos. But is this one from ARES the BEST compact airsoft DMR?

The ARES AR308 is a handsomely crafted, modern style rifle that features the .308 style magazine. Being patterned after a larger round, the proportions of the gun are beefier, sits heavier in your hand, and shoulders more securely.

The externals are very well made, as most ARES rifles are, and the designs are very modern. The MLOK rail is slim enough for it to be easy to handle yet robust enough to match well with the overall look of the rifle. The controls are ambidextrous and the hop-up is adjustable in the breach.

Internally, the rifle uses the tried and tested ARES E.F.C.S. electronic fire control unit for ideal performance and its trigger pull is light for fast semi-auto firing.

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