Welcome the TPM-AK Magazine from PTS!

PTS is excited to state that the PTS TPM-AK Magazine starts shipping on 28 Oct 2021. Learn more about its features right here.

The PTS TPM-AK Magazine (AEG) is a mid-cap magazines for airsoft AK type electric guns. The magazine features 155 bb capacity, a translucent reinforced polymer body that can withstand rough field conditions and allow for easy visual identification of remaining rounds inside the magazine. It also includes the PTS EPM baseplate for bump or drop protection. The magazine is compatible with Tokyo Marui, CYMA, Arcturus AK Series, and most other AK AEG’s.


• Translucent high strength engineering plastic body
• Equipped with the PTS EPM Baseplate.
• Color – Translucent Black
• Product Weight – 169 grams
• Product Size – 195 x 75 x 30 mm
• Loading Capacity – 155 Rounds
• Material – High Strength Engineering Plastic
• Compatibility – Tokyo Marui AK AEG, CYMA AK AEG, ARCTURUS AK AEG

For more details, please visit PTS:

International >> www.ptssyndicate.com

USA >> www.ptssyndicate.us

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