Magpul published their product catalog for 2016.

Magpul was born in 1999 with a single product, and rapidly grew to offer a full line of AR
accessories through old-fashioned hard work. We eventually applied the same critical eye
towards function, form, and value to shotguns, and now Kalashnikovs, bolt action rifles, and a growing list of other platforms. Along the way, we’ve had to ask, “What is Magpul, as a company?” “What is our identity, and what are our boundaries?”

We take great pride in our materials science, our design for utility without sacrificing interface or appearance, and our engineering efforts to bring the best possible firearms products to market. But, what defines Magpul? Is it the products, or is it our core strengths? We’ve known for years that immersing ourselves in technologies and techniques from outside our core focus helps us to make the best products possible. In 2015, we decided that we can, and should, apply the diverse backgrounds, capabilities, and expertise within our organization to other areas, bringing our capabilities to bear in finding solutions in other categories—and, in bringing those solutions to market instead of merely using them as design exercises or as educational efforts.

Click the cover below to donwload the full catalog (48mb)
Magpul 2016 Catalog Cover

magpul_2016_catalog_03 magpul_2016_catalog_04


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