SHOT Show 2K23 New Release from PTS!

The PTS Dead Air Sandman airsoft silencers and muzzle devices are precision made to faithfully replicate the actual real steel products under official license from Dead Air

PTS Dead Air Sandman SILENCER K/S/L

The Keymo mount system allows for tool-less rapid quick attachment and detachment of the mock suppressor and ensures secure precision mounting.  The mock suppressors are constructed from 6000 series aluminum, will come in multiple lengths – K, S, and L – and colors – Black and FDE – and will be available as a mock suppressor or tracer unit.

A compatible Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider will be included with each silencer and the Dead Air Keymo Flash Hider and Dead Air Keymo Muzzle Brake will also be available for sale separately.  


  • Color – Black / Dark Earth
  • Material – 6000 Series Aluminum (Silencer) & steel alloy (Flash Hider)
  • Compatibility – PTS Dead Air Flash Hider (CCW)
  • PTS Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake (CCW)
  • Package Includes – PTS Dear Air Sandman x1pc, PTS Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake (CCW) x 1pc

Find out what is more to come from Dead Air un der the PTS licensed airsoft brand for you in 2023.

Learn more >> PTS 2023 eCatalog

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