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Updated for 2023, the Platatac Badger Smock is inspired by one of the most famous of military garments, the British SAS Windproof Smock.

With input from current UK, Australian, NZ and US Special Forces Operators and some of the old-school thrown in, we have made a smock that is not only functional but is comfortable to wear in the harshest conditions and because its packed with loads of pockets and features it will have you looking ally as all get out.

Platatac Badger Smock

Depending on your mission requirements the Badger smock can be used for additional load carriage when worn as a standalone uniform top or as an outer layer in a cold weather system.

Platatac Badger Smock

The Badger smock is so good, that Andy McNab would have got away if he was wearing one.

Available now in Multicam® >>

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