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In 2020 there were global updates to the appearance and design of NPO AEGs main products VSS Vintorez and AS VAL. This article will focus on the updated version of the VSS Vintorez airsoft replica, produced by NPO AEG for the 2021 season. Read about the history and the new features below.
The last time the VSS from the NPO AEG was modified in 2017. In version 17, we tried to make as many changes as possible:
– thin butt;
– rubber buttstock;
– parts markings corresponding to the original;
– imitation of the trigger guard axis.
But it lacked a copy of the original handguard with the possibility of replacing to the original, as well as the characteristic triangular cover of the receiver for this rifle. In order for our airsoft replica to have these, in our opinion, important properties, the VSS “Vintorez” of the 20th series was created.
VSS Vintorez NPO AEG
This product received a copy of the original handguard. In addition, if desired, the owner can replace the standard handguard with the original, which is now increasingly common on the relevant trading floors. In the pictures, you can see the differences between the 17th series and the 20th series, as well as a comparison of the new and the original handguard.
Thanks to the replacement of the handguard, the product has become much better felt in the hands and has acquired the inherent ease of holding the original VSS.
VSS Vintorez NPO AEG
In addition, the new VSS received a characteristic triangular receiver cover. This affected the overall width of the receiver and the ease of holding.
To install a cover of this shape it was required not only to redesign a tool for its stamping, but also to design a new receiver. But it was worth it, as the result exceeded all our expectations.
The cover was very compact, which can be clearly seen when comparing the 17th and 20th series.
When designing the receiver, we took into account some of our customers ‘ comments. For example, we changed the connecting angle of the magazine to make it sharper and more similar to the original.
Changing the receiver also influenced the position of the telescope sight. It now stands as on the original and no part of it interferes with its installation.
Few people know, but on the original VSS safety bracket on the receiver rounded at the bottom. On this version of the VSS “Vintorez”, bracket as on the original-rounded.
VSS Vintorez NPO AEG
The upgrade affected not only the appearance of the new VSS “Vintorez” 20-th series. The internal design has also changed. The method of connecting the gearbox and the hop-up chamber on this model has not changed since its first release in 2012. However, all this time we have been constantly working to improve the internal design. The main task was to eliminate the possibility of misalignment in the connection of the gearbox and the hop-up chamber. The solution was the so-called “fixed gun-carriage”. This system was tested on the product “A15” which, unfortunately, did not enter mass production.
Now such a system is serially installed on products of the 20th series. It deserves a separate essay, but in short, the hop-up chamber is now installed in a fixed guide, which is rigidly welded into the receiver (previously, the guide of the hop-up chamber was movable, and everything movable can have deviations). This allows to get a perfect alignment of the gearbox and hop-up chamber at the assembly stage of the receiver.
Thanks to the new design of the receiver, its weight has slightly decreased, and due to the reduction in the weight of the mock silencer, the total weight of the product assembly has decreased. It turned out a completely new product, assembled on a standard gearbox version 3, which in its overall characteristics and convenience is as close as possible to the original.

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