Navy SEAL RECCE AOR2 inspired loadout

We continue with a new loadout presentation to our Gear Gallery for you. This time, we decided to focus on a Navy SEAL RECCE AOR2 inspired loadout. RECCE – what does it mean? It stands for: reconnaissance. Missions like these require specific gear including lots of technical equipment the soldiers have to carry with them to fulfil the needs for a good reconnaissance. Today, we focus on a basic kit like clothing, chest-rig, basic navigation devices, communication, blaster etc. It is important to know (specially to those reencatment guys out there) this kit is “inspiered” by real kits and does not give you a 100% correctness regarding the products/gear shown if they are used together like we did. But if you want to put it in a timeframe, this kind of kit was used around 2010-2011 with the SEAL RECCE Teams.NAVY-SEAL-RECCE-AOR2-LOADOUT2

Kits like this are not often seen these days specially the more “greenside” oriented kits because, nearly all conflicts are going on in the middle east and as all of you may know, most of the area down there is not much green!

We´ve been lucky to know a handful guys in the airsoft/MilSim world who put a lot of work into their kits regarding authenticity like my good friend Kross do who provided us his pictures and the full kit list for you guys. Thanks buddy, I´m sure the community appreciate it!


As we always do, the full kit list about what you see is provided at the end of this article. Unfortunally, this time we can´t give you the direct links to all the products! Why? Because almost everthing was collected from ebay, specific forums and except of the bb blaster, you´re looking at real gear – no replica stuff! Of course the replica gear is much easier to get from some airsoft shops and if you don´t want to spent that much money,… look for them. But you have to have one thing in mind: Good gear?! ain´t cheap – Cheap?! almost ain´t good! that´s all.





  • NWU Type III Boonie Hat
  • Woodland Custom Made Gillie & OD Scrim Scarf
  • 3D Leaf Jacket
  • Eagle Ind AOR2 Beavertail Pack + Custom AOR2 HAWKEPAK CMB
  • Eagle Ind AOR2 MPCR V2 + 2x Mbitr V2 pouches
  • NWU Type III Field Shirt /w Beyond LVL1 Shirt
  • AOR2 Patagonia L9 Combat Pants / w LBT Khaki Riggers Belt
  • Salomon Peak Boots
  • Custom VT AOR2 Sling
  • Mechanix MPact OldGen Gloves
  • UnderArmour Wrist MAP
  • Garmin Foretrex 301
  • Cammenga Phosphorescent Military Wrist Compass
  • VIP Light
  • TS PRC148 10 pin + U94 PTT /w TCI TABC2 Headset
  • MET TQS OldGen
  • M14 EBR



Look at eBay USA for this user >>> Legit Kit – or go to the Development Team 6 forum. The guys there are hardcore reenactors specially when it comes to SEAL kits. If you need one place to go to get SEAL gear,… this is the one you´re look for!

We hope you enjoyed this kit and it´s a bit helpful for you. If you have any questions or want to know something, just leave us a comment below. We try to help you out and we´re always thankful for your feedback.



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