What began as a project has transformed into a lasting legacy

Learn a bit more about the roots and where it all started for MYSTERY RANCH back in the day. Their origins is a true love story. Enjoy the read!

Our ORIGINS are deeply tied to the outdoor industry, tracing back to the foundations of Dana Design and Kletterwerks. With the birth of MYSTERY RANCH, we naturally leaned towards crafting outdoor backpacks. However, a pivotal moment arrived in 2004 when the Navy SEALs reached out for a custom pack. That’s when things really clicked for us and we shifted our focus to serving the Military, Law Enforcement, and Wildland Firefighters.


Our approach boils down to really understanding our customers and the stuff we make, and having rock-solid confidence in it.

By creating solutions that were truly needed, we extended our offerings to other groups and became standard issue to Special Operations Command in 2006. Something we repeated again in 2016. On the Wildland firefighting front, our packs went to market in 2007 and became standard issue for over 90% of Hotshot crews nationwide by 2010. This solidified our core mission: making top-notch gear for users who demand the best.

The valuable lessons we picked up along the way now influence everything we do.

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