If you trust only the best, then Mystery Ranch is on your go to list for sure! Here´s an overview from two of their “medical packs” RATS and MOLE. Check it out.


Rapid Access Trauma System (RATS) pack is a frontline medic bag whose every detail is focused on quick, one-handed access to organized medical supplies. There are multiple trauma shears and tourniquet holders throughout and large reinforced handles for hanging the pack on branches or inside of helicopters. It’s sized so that when mounted on the NICE Frame, there is room below the pack for carrying litters or hydraulic extraction tools. Inside the RATS are four removable pockets with clear vinyl windows and two IV bag pockets. The RATS also features removable BVS that optimizes the pack for use with or without body armor.


Designed for requirements around their winning bid in the Norwegian TCCC program, the MYSTERY RANCH MOLE fills the demand for a scaled-down, feature-rich medical pack. Every square inch of this pack was designed with function in mind. The MOLE has comfortable shoulder straps that are removable for easy body armor attachment via the body armor mount system. The MOLE was designed to allow quick access to all of your medical equipment. The main compartment splays open, allowing full access to the removable pockets so that you can work out of the pack. Every square inch of this pack was designed with function in mind. It includes our Removable Stick-it for bulky items or a helmet.

MR Web >> www.mysteryranch.com/Packs/Military


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