Three new sling attchment mounts are now available from Magpul Industries. In this newsletter Magpul send over to us, we show you the ASAP®-QD, MSA™-QD – MOE and the QD Paraclip™ Adapter in detail. Enjoy reading.


Lets start with the ASAP®-QD

The ASAP-QD (Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point) allows a wide range of motion, enabling true ambidextrous weapon manipulation for both left and right handed shooters.

Magpul Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point

Replacing the standard AR15/M4 carbine stock receiver end plate, the ASAP-QD provides a tactical advantage by minimizing sling snagging and facilitating easy transition to and from weapon and reaction side shoulders.

Magpul Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point


The ASAP-QD works with one-point type slings with push-button quick disconnect sling swivels such as the MS4 GEN 2

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MSA™-QD – MOE® Sling Attachment

The MSA™-QD (MOE® Sling Attachment) attaches directly to MOE Hand Guards and Forends, providing a forward sling attachment point for push-button QD slings such as the MS4 GEN 2.

Magpul MSA QD MOE Sling AttachmentMagpul MSA QD MOE Sling Attachment

The MSA is Melonite™ finished steel for wear and corrosion resistance.

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QD Paraclip™ Adapter

The QD Paraclip Adapter fits push-button QD swivel sockets to allow use with Paraclips and other clip-in sling attachments.

Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter

Made from precision-cast Melonite finished steel.

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Additional you can check out Magpuls rifle sling collection which work perfect to the new sling attachments. They offer different typs of sling variants as well some simple adapters. Below you can check out some for example.


Slings and adapters


Product information:

All new for 2014, the MS1 Sling System takes the Magpul multi-mission sling concept to new levels of function, capability, and modularity. The entire system is based on the MS1, a dedicated two-point sling built around our innovative new slider, which provides rapid sling adjustments without the tails, loops, or bulk of other solutions. Even while wearing gloves, the new slider is faster, easier, and lower profile than previous slings, but your sling setting stays put, even under load.

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