You slap her hard so give her the furniture she deserves

Magpul designed a suite of Magpul HK94/MP5® accessories to enhance your iconic firearm with functional features, improved ergonomics, smoother handling, and an added dose of Magpul aesthetic.

Magpul HK94/MP5 accessories

Our 5-inch and 8-inch SL Hand Guards include the same innovative features we’ve brought to our other hand guards, such as anti-slip texturing and M-LOK® compatible slots for accessory mounting.

The Magpul ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit), SL Grip Module, and SL Stock – HK94/MP5 offer improved handling, weapon manipulation, and ergonomics without sacrificing the legendary MP5 aesthetic that the world loves.

Magpul HK94/MP5 accessories

To get the most out of your newly-enhanced MP5, we developed the PMAG D-50 MP. There isn’t a better (or more reliable) way to dispense 50-rounds from that H&K of yours.

Magpul HK94/MP5 accessories

You can find all of this at your favorite retailer and at

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