As close as it gets to the real deal!

Dave’s Custom are now starting the process of Cerakote for their 4 x initial Knight’s Stoner 1 (KS1) builds. The rifles have genuine Magpul Furniture and utilise a licensed KAC base rifle, and they have utilized a similar though not exact optics setup for it too. 

Knight’s Stoner 1
Image: Royal Navy

They are accepting Pre-Orders as this is such a limited batch, total cost is £2,500 (inc VAT) per rifle setup which includes the rifle, multiple magazines, sling, optics and suppressor.

“Priority will be given if you run a company that wants all 4 or more for professional training or display needs.”

Knight’s Stoner 1
Image: Royal Navy

To Place your order or to request or discuss other requirements you may have please email or call +44 01252 715 777.

Learn more about this rifle and watch a video here!

DCA Web >>


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