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The M2 Parka is not just another tactical jacket. Drawing inspiration from the iconic M65 parka design, it seamlessly integrates modern innovations to cater to the dynamic needs of today’s tactical operators.

Enhanced with the A-TACS U|CON camouflage pattern, this parka excels in transitional environments, effortlessly adapting from woodland to arid terrains. It’s your perfect companion for diverse operational landscapes.

M2 Parka now in A-TACS U|CON


With a total of nine meticulously designed pockets, the M2 Parka ensures that all your essentials are within arm’s reach. The dual-access lower-back pocket is especially handy, allowing you to retrieve items without having to twist or turn.

M2 Parka now in A-TACS U|CON


The elements can be unpredictable, but with the M2 Parka, you’re always prepared. The UF PRO air/pac® inserts are strategically placed to combat the thermal bridge effect, ensuring that you remain warm even in the coldest conditions.

M2 Parka now in A-TACS U|CON


In high-intensity situations, staying cool and composed is crucial. The M2 Parka’s long side-zippers offer a dual advantage. They provide much-needed ventilation, allowing you to regulate your body temperature effectively

M2 Parka now in A-TACS U|CON


Additionally, these zippers ensure quick and easy access to holsters, knives, or any other gear attached to your belt or waistband. It’s a design that prioritizes your comfort without compromising on readiness.

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