The Ultra Low Bore-Axis GBB

Archon Firearms Type B Airsoft Parallel Training Weapon by EMG finally hit the market in 2020. Here´s a break down for you by Evike Matt were you learn all about you need to know.

The new Archon Type B is a slimmed down, compact pistol reminiscent of the STRIKE ONE utilizing the AF-Speedlock locking system. Inherently the AF-Speedlock improves accuracy thanks to the more consistent lockup and improves reliability due in part of the magazine being much more in-line with the bore of the barrel resulting in a near straight shot for the bullets feed path. This new firearm offers much improved ergonomics, an ultra-low bore axis, lower perceived muzzle flip/recoil, the improved accuracy and reliability from the AF-Speedlock system resulting in a firearm that is incredibly quick and feels great in-hand.

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