LBX Tactical released this picture yesterday to their official facebook page. It shows four new camo patterns: MANTIS, SNOW RAPTOR, INLAND TAIPAN and CAIMAN.



The four new camouflage patterns are designed for Winter/Urban, Desert, Woodland, and Transitional environments, developed in cooperation with Leading Edge Ventures and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation. The goal of the LBX camo project was to improve upon the vulnerabilities of several of the most popular brands of camouflage while offering the improved capabilities of camouflages previously only authorized for use by Special Mission Units within the US military.

Current uniform digital patterns such as MARPAT, CADPAT, and AOR utilize square and rectangular pixels with a larger Macropattern/Spatial Frequency that tends to blend into one color as distance from the target increases.

LBX Camo utilizes a proprietary 3-dimensional pattern which is added to the larger Macropattern regions to subdue the Spatial Frequency of the pattern and allow for different aspects of the pattern to work at various distances. This feature also creates a semi-horizontal natural flow texture and the illusion of depth and more than seven colors from a distance. This flow helps to mask horizontal movement at various tactical distances.

Sniper instructors from Naval Special Warfare and the US Marine Corps were consulted to ensure the operational effectiveness of the patterns were validated and optimized.


What do you think…? Do you like them? Are you go to buy some of these? Join us on our facebook page and leave your comment at this picture.



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