Check out the new VORSK VMP-1 GBBR

An All-New release from Vorsk Airsoft, an Airsoft Gas SMG that we got hands on with at IWA 2023 that we knew was going to be a popular hit; The VMP-1!

Vorsk VMP-1

Featuring a full polymer construction, the VMP-1 has been designed to be both lightweight and durable, perfect for fast-paced CQB arena action. The slimline, folding stock features a 15° spring-centered tilt mechanism – designed to aid corner transitions and keep the VMP-1 level and maintain ‘hop’ alignment. Alternatively, the stock can be folded, or replaced entirely with a QD stud for the “machine pistol” experience.

We currently have the Black VMP-1‘s and the VMP-1X‘s – which include 2 Magazines and a QD Suppressor – plus spare magazines available for Pre-Order Now! ETA June 2023, subject to change.

Vorsk VMP-1

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