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Kalashnikov USA – New KR-104 SBR


Kalashnikov USA Introduces the KR-104 SBR,  a factory short-barrel rifle variant of the KR-104.

With a long history of offering authentic and rugged firearms, we take immense pleasure in introducing the SBR configuration short barrel rifle KR-104 SBR.

Made with superior technology and state-of-the-art innovation in America. The KR-104 is renowned for its use by the Russian Federal Protective Service. With a 12.25” Cold Hammer Forged , chrome lined barrel, this rifle qualifies as a “Short Barrel Rifle”. It is a semi-automatic AK-style rifle that takes over from the authentic and durable design of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

The KR-104 SBR rifle is a perfect firearm in any circumstance considering its compact size and smooth handling. It comes with a side-folding buttstock. The rifle accepts standard AKM style magazines.

For more details, visit >> www.kalashnikov-usa.com


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