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Third day at IWA 2014 starts for us at the booth from UMAREX in Hall 7. As every Year it’s the biggest booth on spot and when you walk in you feel like a little child who first walks through a candy store, if you can remind that feeling from the past! We met with Mr. Fischer and Mr. Pfitzner from the marketing department who showed us around and presented us the latest products available and those to be released soon.

[alert alert_type=”info” ]Note: Take your time to read this articel until the end – we got a world exclusive premier for you in here! Photos from the new MP7 RAL 8000 you’ve never seen before anywhere on the internet! Please dont copy without permissions![/alert]




New Products:

First up, the long awaited Gas Blow Back Version of the HK 417. It is the first available 7.62mm or AR10 replica GBB Rifle in the airsoft market so far.

HK 417 GBB



The rifle comes in a CQB version (no other versions planned so far). It might be compatible with the long barreld version from VFC but this is not tested or comfired (yet). As you can see, the magazin is overall black. No dummy rounds inside. All the space is needed for the gas because this rifle needs a lot of gas to be operated. The magazin itself holds 20 rounds. One charge is enough to fire 60 rounds – that means approx. 3 magazines. UMAREX told us they had tested the rifle (with green gas) at 20°C and they had no issues with cooldown effects or anythng else. They did some rapid firing tests as well and it worked out just fine. So far – no low temperature test! The magazin also has a function which allows the user to disable the mag catch when it’s fired empty. In our video you will see how strong the kick back from this bad guys is. I did shot a real HK 417 some time ago and I can tell you, there’s no big difference between them. Outstanding performance. The finish from the 417 overall speaks for it self (see picture gallery) – as we know it from UMAREX from previous models as well. Full licensed trademarks by HK makes this GBB even more a collectors edition and a “must have” for every HK enthusiast.

Release date: Beginning of May


Picture Gallery:


Next new product in line is the MP5K GBB



1:1 scale replica of the real steel version of the MP5K. This is a collectors edition rifle, folks. If you want to own a high end piece of gear – go and buy this replica! It can´t be more real as this one. Real field stripping, all parts inside are also build like the real firearm – you can see this in the gallery below. UMAREX told us that real parts like the folding stock, foregrip or the lower will fit onto this airsoft replica as well! Outstanding work we think.

Release date: Already available


Picture Gallery:


Next up are two new AEG models. The MP5 A4 and the MP5 A5



Those two models will be soon available as AEG versions – fully licensed by HK. The SMGs are high-quality versions with metal uppers, diopter with four distance settings – adjustable for windage. A V2 gearbox made of metal inside. All TM style MP5 mags fit. UMAREX also sells those two models with a mechanical 3-shot burst mode but this feature will not available in Germany! Gear Box is LiPo ready as well.

Release date: April 2014



Also NEW this Year is the MP7 A1 GBB in RAL 8000.



World exclusive pictures – only here on our website!

First, we have to say that the RAL 8000 version of the MP7, as shown here, doesn’t 100% match a real RAL 8000 color tone. The MP7 UMAREX had with them on IWA was the “prototype” – a first ever produced model! VFC is going to correct the color to 100% match the real coloring before the MP7 ever leaves the factory. The pictures we provid you with in the gallery below are the first ones made outside the factory so far!!! You will not find them anywhere else!

What can we say about the MP7 so far? As you may know VFC is the OEM producer. Now the MP7 A1 has the 1:1 scale like the original. The KWA version is more like the little brother of this one. They optimized the folding sights for a better use (and to be even more realsitic), a 3 position stock, the internals look like the real ones and the magazin holds 40 rounds like the original MP7 as well. The black version is current available as you may know and the “Navy” version without the forward grip as well.

Release date MP7 A1 RAL 8000: May 2014


Picture Gallery:

Special thanks to UMAREX at that point for providing us the first pictures of the new MP7 RAL 8000.




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