The new standard for monocular NVG Systems  – THE14

The guys at ACTinBlack did it again! They took the battel proven PVS-14 to the next level and the result is: THE14! Find out more about it below.


THE14 Monocular combines lightweight materials to create the lightest PVS-14 type compatible monocular at 9 oz / 255g while still using standard 18mm image intensifier tubes. At no compromises in functionality it features manual gain, automatic flip up shut-off, IR illuminator, low battery indicator highlight cut-off while still utilize the same control pattern.

Furthermore, THE14 has a 66ft / 20m for 2h submersion rating which is tested for every single housing to ensure quality.
The monocular can be mounted to combat helmets or weapons, which enables night vision capabilities to daytime optical sights.

It is certified to the MIL-STD-810G for environmental, drop and other relevant criteria.

THE14 is fully compatible to all PVS-14 type accessories, optics and image intensifier tubes making it a new standard for monocular night vision systems without requiring a replacement of existing accessories.


The team focuses on bringing to life ACTinBlack night vision solutions, utilizing extensive experience, expertise and capabilities, whilst following a disciplined and structured set of processes, helping our partners to achieve their mission objectives

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      If you would like to buy the housing only, you may check some NVG related facebook groups if someone is selling it. Maybe you also reach out to retailers and ask if they do.



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