DAKA family update – welcome the DAKA Lite

If you’re familiar with Magpuls DAKA Pouches—and SHAME ON YOU if you aren’t—then you know how transformative they are for organizing, storing, and protecting your gear.


Now, you can get even more flexible with your gear management with their new DAKA Lite Pouches. Made from a lighter, more pliable nylon material, DAKA Lite 2.0 pouches have shed some weight and added more flex, all while retaining the best strengths of our original DAKA pouches.


Easily packed into larger storage containers, the DAKA Lite pouch is the perfect solution for backpacking, camping, biking, hunting, and lightweight vehicle organization.


The Magpul-embossed injection molded zipper-pull is easy to locate and manipulate, and carabiner attachment points make securing them simple and effective. Stock up on weight-saving packable pouches and start getting your life organized at Magpul.com or your local retailer today.


Available in Black, FDE, and Grey in three different sizes.

Grab yours >> www.magpul.com/apparel-gear

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