The Banger Pocket by Ferro Concepts provides an effective solution for carrying flashbangs, smoke grenades, and more. Utilizing an adjustable retention flap that attaches via hook and loop, the Banger Pocket has a ton of room to fit a wide variety of items.

Banger Pocket

Just like our Back Panel Banger, this pocket utilizes our silent tuck tab system which spares you from the noise of velcro/snaps. Lastly, there is an internally routed length of shock cord to cinch the pocket down, keeping the contents secure.

Banger Pocket
  • Adjustable Retention Flap and closure
  • Removable Retention Flap
  • Adjustable silent tuck tab for quietly opening and closing
  • Internally routed shock cord for width adjustment
  • Holds CTS Model 7290/M, CTS 8210, CTS 6210-R, Liberty Dynamics flashbang, and similar sized items
  • 1×2 MOLLE
  • Made in USA

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