Built to conquer the chill

When a northern SOF unit needed a pack designed specifically for extreme cold-weather conditions, MYSTERY RANCH rose to the challenge. Their Special Projects team listened to the unit’s needs, developed a concept, and designed a prototype that was field-tested and revised until it met our high standards.


But we didn’t stop there. Our quest for perfection led us to Norway, where we worked alongside personnel from several SOF units to test the pack’s limits. We pulled tires across open fields and ventured to the high north to put the pack through its paces in the harshest conditions.

The final prototype was entrusted to MYSTERY RANCH Ambassador and polar explorer JOHN HUSTON, who took it on multiple trips to the Arctic for extensive field testing. With his invaluable feedback, we were able to refine the design and create the ultimate extreme cold-weather pack: the ATM CWF, or as we affectionately call it, the ARCTIC RUCK.

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