Aloha FAL Bawidamann x TXC Limited Edition

For 2022, Bawidamann makes a pattern that reflects on the African Bush Wars and the continent’s battle with communism.

The print has a custom pattern embedded with:

  • Beautiful Fire Lillies
  • Rhodesian-striped RPDs
  • Browning Hi Powers
  • Zulu Spears
  • White Phosphorus Grenades
  • Rhodesian-striped FAL (the holy grail of Bush War rifles)

All TXC “Build Your Own” Holsters are available for this short run in any of the three color combinations (Onyx, Ivory or African Green).

Interested in the Aloha FAL Shirt? Check out Bawidamann’s store!


* This Aloha FAL Bawidamann collection consists of limited time options. These will be for specific holster models offered in specific colors/patterns. If you see them available, grab one now…because it won’t be for long. Lead time of 5 to 8 weeks applies.