Today we are proud to have Eli from Project Gecko here for a Interview. So lets talk with him and get some information. For any questions pleaes comment in the “Comment section” at the end of the post. Eli or the ACE Team will reply asap. Enjoy!


1. What is Project Gecko?

Project Gecko is a form of a military & consulting organization, which its purpose is, to deliver true experience & knowledge, without compromising over professionalism.

We offer different training scenarios, such as Firearms trainings, CQB/FIBUA, Navigation and more. All those programs are based and created on our knowledge which we unpack and repack in a way that will suit every participant. For us the gear is just a tool and the will is the key. We believe that every person who has the will will find his place in our seminars and workshops.

Project Geckos activity’s are suitable for the military \ LE & the civilian market as well.

For our trainings we use Air-soft guns as a valuable training platform as a direct result to the EU laws and the German law in particular. With using them we can offer courses to the civilian market, next to our Real Steel courses and programs, in prices they can afford. I recognized, that there is always this big discussion in the “Real Market” regarding the use of Air-soft, which I personally don´t understand. In my opinion next to the law-issues, like mentioned above, it is also the most safest tool in professional trainings that you can have.
Among other projects and activity’s we are also looking to develop and support the Milsim scene in EU by delivering a true high level of no compromising scenarios & trainings. It is important for us to remark, that we are not an Air-soft organization who is doing military games or weekend skirms.


Project Gecko - History

2. How does it start and what is your background?

Even tough, I am constantly trying to figure out what was the starting point, I can´t really point it out. The idea was always there, but the philosophy and the way of seeing the whole picture was rapidly developing.
On the 10.11.2011, just a day or in fact 12 hours after I honorably finished my service & returned my equipment, I found myself on a plane to Germany. This is basically where my journey started and I was exposed to the ‘big world’ kind of thing. For the first time I had a chance to really see how things are being done, in country’s that are not in a constant visible war. From that moment on I had some contacts and other small things going on with different organizations, and I came to the understanding that there is something missing in today’s world of trainings.– The self-development as a guiding line to the training itself. See, the thing is we all do trainings. Cops, EMS’s, soldiers and list goes on. But are we really able to utilize that training outside of our comfort zone? When our muscle behave different, and so is our personality?
That’s where I combine my experience which I gain throughout the years. I served in one of the Israeli SF-Units, have been through various forms of trainings & activities which often brought me tons of different experiences. With this experience, combined with ‘tactical’ knowledge of procedures and the proper ways of doing A & B I am able to offer programs that are efficient and tailored to your needs.


Project Gecko - Instructor

3. What´s your Philosophy?

I strongly believe in the fact, that everything we do, everything we plan and everything we wish to do is rooted deep within ourselves.
Today we became too virtual in our social life and life at all. Our friends are virtual and reachable in one click away. All we ever wanted to know or see is in a matter of a click away. Experiencing the world through second hand information isn´t enough. If we want authenticity we have to initiate it.
We won´t know our true potential & capability’s, unless we push and try to get beyond.

I think that in today’s world, all this virtual experience, which we all get, soldiers, cops, civilians, keeps us in a comfort zone, even if we keep some kind of a training routine. It´s this self-discovery, the curiosity, that takes us to the wildest places on earth, and the reason why humanity went that far.

That’s where my experience and mindset steps in. I believe that with the proper physical and especially the mental tools, one can achieve a training results which will last for a longer period. In fact, without developing such tools, that act like Fire & Water, one is basically a robot, and robots tends to rust.

Today, after all I have experienced, I can guarantee that those tools are the key to accomplish what you want to do, instead of thinking about what you “wish” to do.


Project Gecko - CQB Training

4. What do you offer?

We offer our experience & knowledge in the fields by doing different trainings and tasks, that combine physical difficulty’s with educational material. We are offering various courses, seminars and workshops such as firearms trainings, CQB, Navigation-courses and so on.

We also started to organize a Krav-Maga/Counter-Knife Course wherefore we engaged a specialized Trainer from Israel. In August we will do a first Urban Navigation course in and through Cologne.

For the 19.-22. June 2014 we organize a 4 days Military-Simulation-Event in the Tennengebirge, the Alps in Austria. We will do 4 days of a specific scenario with specific objectives and a very high detailed simulation which will be accompanied by small lessons & educational material.

Next to that practical offer we will launch soon GeckoGear, where you will find equipment from different manufactures all over the world.

GeckoGear will act as a bridge between the end user & the most high quality equipment. The idea is, not to just sell low level china made vests, but to provide the end user a high quality followed by efficiency & professional information. Every product and every piece of gear the customer might find under the project, will pass a full evaluation, and that evaluation will be published in our media circle.
I want to remark, that we will only sell equipment that I believe in and tested myself.


Project Gecko - CQB


5. Do I have to be a soldier or can I attend as a regular guy?

Depends on the program you wish to attend. As mentioned above, some of our programs are for Military & Law enforcement personal and wouldn’t be suitable for others, while there are other programs which are open for all. It doesn´t mean that if you were not in the military, you can not come and learn. Just like the existing model in England and America– we are holding programs that are open for the civilian market, and that are designed specially for their needs. For us is important to make clear, that any political statements, violent or racist kind of behavior isn´t accepted and therefore we are currently investing serious amount of time for filtering and processing joining requests.


Project Gecko - CQB


6. Where can i attend to a seminar or training?

Tough question I might say, because we have no specific place where we do our things. Due to increasing demand, we are currently holding programs all over Europe. From NRW in Germany, all the way to the Alps in Austria, or Belgium for example…and the list goes on. I would simply suggest the readers to check it out on our website or facebook-page. We are constantly publishing Intel regarding courses & programs.



7. I have seen you also make reviews?

Correct. I am working currently on a few other types of reviews & equipment evaluation which will be different than the common flat reviews. We are currently for example going to do a full evaluation and review about the anticipated UF-PRO Striker XT BDU.


Project Gecko Alps Seminar


8. Where can we find you next?

On the 19.06.2014 to the 22.06.2014, we will do our Alps-Seminar. In this Seminar, located on the Tennengebirge, just south of Salzburg, we are going to perform various simulations in rocky environment, which is obviously not so simple. In this seminar we are going to go through different interesting topic. The team is nearly full but we are still looking for more people.


In the list below, you will find upcoming courses and workshops.

Date Seminar/Course Location/Area
19.06.2014-22.06.2014 The Alps-Seminar Salzburg, Austria
11.07.2014-13.07.2014 Urban Navigation Course Köln
18.07.2014-20.07.2014 CQB-Advance Entry&Room Control Thüringen
25.07.2014-27.07.2014 CQB-Course Belgium
14.08.2014-17.08.2014 Krav-Maga&Counter Knife Course Köln


More Intel regarding the upcoming seminars and workshops just go to the Project Gecko Website.







> Website Project Gecko
> Project Gecko @ facebook
> Project Gecko @ YouTube



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