All you need to work your Gunz in one place!

Cleaning, maintenance or fixing gun issues in the field, at home or on the range has become a new best friend if you ask me. If you had issues, finding the right tool for it in the past, which is able to carry your entire essential to work on your guns, – look no future the Helikon-Tex Service Case has you covered from now on!

A case for containing cleaning utensils was designed to conform the larger range bags. No matter, at home or on the range, this is a dedicated cleaning kit pocket with a bespoke organizer for cleaning rod, tips, cleaning rags, oil bottle, tools, spares, and all essential you-name-it.

Why did I decide to switch to the Service Case? I like to have my essential tools all in one place or one package and in a compact size that makes it possible to carry it in the field too if I´m in the need for. I think that´s an airsofter thing. To those of you who had gun issues in the field know that it sucks balls to fix them without having all tools and a mat (cleaning mat) with you to put the gun and parts on. If you don´t have a proper table or something similar where all stays in place, losing parts and search for them in the grass, dirt etc. sucks.

Also, carrying your big tool box is not that comfortable too!

What I really like on the Service Case is that it comes with a cleaning mat already included so you have all you need to work on your guns stored together in one piece.

As you can see, the cleaning mat is really big and can hold lots of parts, as well a rifle and a pistol to work on straight away. If the mat is not needed, it can be stored right underneath the Service Case in shock-cord loops.

The cleaning mat also offers a box straight on to place your small gun parts in it to prevent losing it accidently. The coloured bottom in yellow makes them easy to spot. The box is also perfect to oil or lubricate your parts etc. so you don’t get the mat dirty in general. Just clean it out afterwards and you´re good to go again.


  • Two carry handles
  • Velcro ID panel
  • External zippered pocket
  • Fixed internal organizer (two zippered mesh pockets, six elastic ribbon loops)
  • Detachable organizers for tools, brushes and wipers (two pockets with zippers, two pockets with Velcro, elastic loops
  • Extra cleaning mat, and robust dish for dipping parts in cleaning liquids and spraying them with cleaning compounds, all held underneath the case
  • YKK® zippers



Head over to the Helikon-Tex website and learn more about it.

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