EDC medical carriage in a small package

Medic Monday feature. We took a look at the Helikon-Tex Pocket Med Insert which is a nice Every Day Carry (EDC) pouch that holds your essential medical gear while you on the go during your daily adventures. It is lightweight, small fits inside your jeans hip- and cargo shorts pocket and you can configure it like you want to have it.

It is so small that even ladies can put it in their handbag (don´t panic, it doesn’t waist much space in there) to be prepared when basic medical treatment is needed.

Let´s break it down

As for a size comparison I put an iPhone 11Pro next to it so you can see when I say “it´s small” it really is! Of course, it is much bulky as an iPhone but that depends on how much stuff you want to put inside for a basic “First Aid Kit”.

The Pocket Med Insert Pouch offers you in total 10 slots from small to big to hold everything in place. Only three of em provides access from the outside.

One is at the back for a small scissor and two are up front for medical gloves and an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card which I highly recommend to have one with you!

As a Paramedic myself I can tell you that this can make a difference for the guys on the job that come after you when you need them and they need to know about you when no one is around that can tell the important medical issues you may have and yourself are knocked out too. So think about it if you haven´t one!

For this review, I gave it a full load with gear that I want to carry with me especially when I´m on the go with my kids. Those of you who have some agree that this is an essential thing. And candy, lots of candy what I just figured out I forgot to put inside as it’s a kind of “first aid” too to them!

Here´s an overview of my load and NO, there´s no “we all going to die” Corona face mask inside! #fuckcorona

I don´t go into details of what I carry and why because as I mentioned above (that is up to you) what need to go with you and for which medical needs you want to be prepared. If you have questions about, drop them in the comment section below and I´ll get back to you then.

As you have seen, the pouch has an overall length like an iPhone11. I want to show you that it easily fit into your jeans hip-pocket. If you are one of these guys that run those slim fit “I don´t know what kind of gender I am” hipster jeans, you need to grow up! Buy some solid once.

Talking about solid jeans, I run the M.U.D Denim from LMSGear that offers you more pockets as any other jeans I know even for tactical applications. But more on this in another review.

As you can see, the Pocket Med Pouch slides inside the hip pocket as well in the extra hip pocket the M.U.D offers above the standard one. Yes, it is filled 100% but I did that on purpose so you see that it works.

Your booty will no longer look well shaped from now on but that is secondary in this case right. For quick access once you need it, a reinforced rubberized pull-out handle is included at the top for you. The pouch itself is made from 500den CORDURA® and every pocket is well stitched inside.

If you like videos, we also put some moving pictures together for you. Enjoy!

Got your interest? Realized that an EDC medical pouch is something you have been missing out a long time? Head over to Helikon-Tex and grab one if you like what you just saw. Different color options are available too!

Get it here >> www.helikon-tex.com/pocket-med-insert

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