The Helikon-Tex EDC Lite Backpack, a lightweight backpack intended for daily usage.

Every-Day Carry is the name for the essentials that are with us every day. Ideally they should be as simple as possible, versatile and well though-out. And that’s exactly what our EDC Lite Backpack is like – designed with everyday carry requirements in mind, yet lighter then our standard EDC Backpack.

The backpack has spacious, two-chamber construction. The main chamber has slick interior, without any pockets or organizers that can the pack heavier then it needs to be. Front chamber is lined with soft velour velcro fabric, compatible with our Versatile Insert System®, which allows you to personalize your pack as you need.

The exterior of the pack is as simple as possible, with only ID loop velcro on front and shock cord that can hold small jacket. On bottom part of the sides there are small pockets made of elastic mesh.

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