Get to know – The Earmor M32

Hearing safety in an airsoft headset may not be the most essential factor, but communication is essential. Just like without communication tactical field or airsoft playing would not function at all, hearing protection is another important thing. That is why we look today at the Earmor M32 headset, filling in both of the necessities.

Earmor Hearing Protection M32

While being packed with multiple eye-catching features, Earmor M32 airsoft headset is in a good price range. You will simultaneously obtain high-quality protection from dangerous sounds and clear communication with environmentally-friendly sound enhancers. Both features come at a very reasonable price, no matter your purchasing purpose; you will be benefited a great deal.

A durable polymer material is used to construct the headphone frame. The great padding makes it more comfortable to use. Even when it is worn on glasses, it feels very soft and comfortable. The band is covered with leather-like, slightly padded material ensuring a tight seal.

The consistency and robustness of all the polymer parts are greatly improved. The cables seem solid and safe from being squished. Another function, which enables the user to best use the Earmor airsoft headset and an interesting one actually, is the ability to switch the microphone from left or right to both sides. It adds to the convenience of using this headset.

Earmor Hearing Protection M32

You can put it on the left or right of your airsoft headset, depending on the natural feeling for you. The center button has been created to activate and disable the headset. Furthermore, the three seconds delay keeps the headset from being turned off unintentionally.

Not only that, but this Earmor M32 is also waterproof with IPX-5 standard, providing a runtime of 350 hours and an auto turn-off mechanism after 4 hours. Each headphone is equipped with a triple A battery, concealed below a Silicon Slings cap.

To switch the active sound amplification headset on or off, the center button is used. For a few seconds, turns it on, it can be turned off in the same way. To change the amplification level the other + and – buttons are used. The volume on the third level is loud enough for perfect communication.

The sounds around you are collected and transferred by both microphones to your ears, making it sound as if you are wearing no headset. When you turn off this function and the sound around you is muffled, you will be able to tell the difference.

For this purpose, the airsoft headset is NRR22 rated for reduction of noise. It helps to protect the ears when there are noisy booms. Anything over 82 dB will be suppressed. The headset is standard for length adjustment.

Earmor Hearing Protection M32

The built and sound quality, the comfort of wearing them, the boom mic, the waterproof factor, attachment of the boom mic, sound amplification all of these features make this airsoft headset worth it, along with the obvious noise cancellation feature and clear communication.

The pricing of this airsoft headset is a bargain compared to the high-quality product one’s getting. While nothing is perfect, the Earmor M32 is an amazing headset for the professional tactical field or playing airsoft.

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