I only drink coffee three days a week: yesterday, today & tomorrow!

Coffee is not just something you drink in the morning or during the midday, it’s a way of life to some and so am I one of these “caffeinated as fuck” kinda persons. If you think; nah, you can’t handle six cups of coffee or more a day, then I have to tell you that I take this personally and you better stop reading this article, get yourself a cup of sparkling water and get the fuck out here!

It’s always good to have a fresh cup of coffee in the field!

There are plenty ways to make coffee and everyone has its own preferred one he swears on, but when it comes down to brew it outdoors, options get limited and you won’t spent too much space and weight as well. Helikon-Tex offers a lot of “outdoor-gear” in their Bushcraft Line and one of the latest additions are some basic essentials for making coffee outdoors everyone should call his own. The CAMP French Press and Hand Coffee Grinder.

Did you know?!

A Frenchman around the year 1800 is said to have forgotten to boil water together with his coffee, so to cut corners, he just poured hot water over his coffee and filtered it with a strainer. Et voilà: the French Press in its basic configuration was born.

Coffee from a French Press has been a popular preparation method for decades now. It’s easy to use, quick to clean and there’s no use for a paper filter. The coffee is full-bodied because the metal filter doesn’t filter out the fats and oils contained inside the coffee, leaving you with your favorite coffee flavor to enjoy.

CAMP French Press Coffee Mug

The CAMP French Press Coffee Mug from Helikon-Tex is a camping mug made of anodized aluminum which is resistant to mechanical damage, heat and has a capacity of 600ml. The lid allows you to directly brew fresh coffee inside if you want to. Thanks to its large capacity, you can prepare fresh coffee for up to 3 of your buddies at a time.

Its foldable handles provides you a comfortable grip and prevent your hands from getting burned. The Coffee Press itself is a lid with a built-in filter. Thanks to the double filter system, you can be sure that the coffee you prepare will be perfect to drink. It’s made of stainless steel and easy to clean, providing you a long lifetime when you take care about it.

CAMP Hand Coffee Grinder

The CAMP Hand Coffee Grinder is a durable and convenient tool that allows you to prepare coffee to be brewed outdoors or at home too. Together with the CAMP French Press Coffee Mug, it creates a set that will be appreciated by all coffee lovers that love to enjoy a good cup out there regardless the daytime because; “there’s always room for a cup of coffee”.

The Hand Coffee Grinder is made out of stainless steel and the ceramic grinding gear provides a long lifetime. Slim in its design to fit any pocket/pack without taking too much space, and it only weights 300g. The crank handle is removable and can be attached straight to the Grinder (as seen in the pictures).

To put your beans inside, just remove the cover where the crank handle is used to sit on and you’re good to go. The integrated ground coffee container holds 50g from your fresh powdered coffee beans which is of course, the amount you just filled in from the top. There’s also a small window or “indicator” on the ground coffee container to show you when its ready.

It’s no coincidence that the amount of beans you put into the Grinder fits exactly the amount of boiled water in the CAMP French Press Mug to provide up to 3 of your buddies a decent cup of coffee. If you like it stronger,… you know what to do.

My preferred coffee at the moment is MIL-COFFEE from Latvia. If you want to know more about this brand, we have an article up for you too. Just check it out HERE.

You need that too!

Not included but as essential as a French Press and Grinder is the Wildo Fold A Cup BIG. Usable for almost everything. Resistant to hot water, cold and crushing, weights only 47g and hold up to 600ml from whatever keeps you going in the field.

If you don’t own one,… what’s wrong with you?!

Do you need a coffee now? Good, everything is available from our partner Triple Action “home of the hot stuff here in Central Europe” or for our international readers straight from Helikon-Tex. Hit the link below and get geared-up! I’m off to a fresh cup of coffee now. Cheers

Camp French Press Coffee Mug

Camp Hand Coffee Grinder

Wildo Fold A Cup BIG

All from Helikon-Tex >> www.helikon-tex.com/bushcraft-line

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