Well the clod is here and whatever you do outside – to stay warm you have to have the right gear. Gloves are important but there are so many on the market, which one you should pick up? Today we introduce you the HEAT3 Special Force from The HEAT Company.

A glove perfect for military&law enforcement environments as well for skiing-snowboarding, mountain climbing and for daily life in winter.

The HEAT 3 Special Force have been continually developed over their lifetime. High quality materials and workmanship are the prerequisites for these high performance products. We place great emphasis on functional details. The gloves are incredibly versatile as they can be used as mittens providing the ultimate in warmth and also gloves which allow for full freedom of movement.


This product was originally a custom-made item and is now in its third generation. HEAT 3 gloves were designed specifically for special combat forces of Germany and Austria.

Product link: http://www.theheatcompany.com/enfor-professionals/special-forces/heat-3-special-force


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