All you need to know about the THORAX

I’m pretty sure lots of you guys have followed the news from Haley over the past weeks and watched the teaser videos about the soon to be released plate carrier called THORAX. Not much details have been giving out in the videos at all just to keep the crowd hungry and focused for the full release, which is now!

Haley Strategic THORAX

Well, almost now! The official release date is set for January 2022 but Travis and the crew finally put it up on the website for you to check it out in full swing. We couldn’t resist to provide you all you need to know straight here on AMNB so read up right below about everything you need to know. Enjoy!

Haley Strategic THORAX


For over a decade Haley Strategic Partners has been providing world class training in the fundamentals and advanced applications of weapons and tactics with our D5, D3, and D7 courses. Inside of this ten year period we have also produced globally recognized products such as the Disruptive Environments Chest Rigs and FLATPACK™ line. Our training and products are a direct reflection of what drives us as an organization and what our vision of the future looks like. THORAX is the culmination of these 10 years of operational experience, training, product development, and most importantly being a “Thinker Before Shooter”. It represents our vision of the future and the most adaptive plate carrier system available today.


THORAX has been through many revisions in it’s life. Beginning as a modular plate bag for chest rigs to evolving into a fully fledged plate carrier system. Just like the Dragonfly of our logo, THORAX is designed to be adaptable for any mission requirements. We understand the importance of adaptability from an operational view. The force multiplier and lethality it brings is why we designed our plate carrier to have such features. THORAX seamlessly interfaces with our existing products and those currently in development. It’s construction incorporates advanced materials to maintain the highest level of mobility and protection for the user with minimal weight and profile. In essence THORAX is a reflection of our vision and the answer to the most important three letter word. Why?

Available Colors:

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More product news from Haley on our blog, can be found here!


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