Blackhawk “No Fail” – Episode 2: Andy Stumpf, Former SEAL and Host of ‘Cleared Hot’

In each episode of our series “No Fail”, we share the story of some of this world’s most elite individuals and how their own No Fail Mission shaped them to become the people they are today.

In this episode we hear from decorated Navy SEAL, podcast host, and BASE jump record-holder Andy Stumpf. In his 17 years in the United States military, Stumpf executed missions around the globe, fighting the war on terror as a member of some of the most elite combat units in the world, including SEAL Team 6. Today, Stumpf hosts the hit Cleared Hot podcast and is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. He’s also an elite skydiver and has held a BASE jump world record for traveling more than 18 miles in a single wing suit flight. He also commands a following of more than 162,000 Instagram followers.

In this episode of No Fail, Andy explains how a mission in Iraq, changed his life–and his outlook–forever.

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