Leszek from Gunfire takes a look at the Well WE01A PCC AEG and it’s features.

A lightweight submachine gun replica manufactured by WELL, a veteran on the airsoft replica market. WE01A is characterized by its low weight, compact size and high ergonomics. Thanks to this combination, the replica is an excellent choice for CQB games, it also serves as a good backup weapon for a sharpshooter. Due to its compact size, it will be perfect for LARP games, easily fitting into a bag or a backpack, thus not attracting the opponent’s suspicion.

The replica is mostly made out of high-quality plastic, the pins, screws and stock guide are made out of steel.

The manufacturer used many ergonomic features in the replica. The model was equipped with an extendable stock, enlarged pistol grip, a double-sided reloading lever, flip-up sights and an M-LOK front.

The replica comes with a build-in optical electronic system. A system based on two optical sensors detects the location of the piston rack and the trigger. Thanks to this the trigger is much more responsive, and a full cycle with each shot, which significantly improves the replica’s longevity.

To find out more, go to >> www.gunfire.com

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