G&G GR16 Carbine Sportline
The new G&G GR-16 Blowback Sportline Carbine Ver. 4 is everything you could want from your M4 and more, for a great price. G&G stock externals are of better quality and more aesthetically pleasing that most after market upgrade parts. Th GR-16 features a full metal body and gearbox. One piece metal barrel that is securely fastened to the upper receiver. The retractable LE stock is made of a hard, durable abs plastic. The removable carry handle is metal with full adjustable rear iron sight. G&G tastefully etched the full COLT trademarks, model, and serial number on the mag well. Plus, the GR-16 comes with something no other M4 does, a sling adapter in front of the buffer tube just behind the body. Therefor the user has a choice if they want their sling attached to the end of their stock of if they want it closer to the body. G&G is on their way to setting a new precedent of top quality AEGs.


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