Get to know a Legend – Tiger Stripe Camo


Tiger Stripe Camo – The Uniform Immortalized by SOF in Vietnam

While jungle green fatigues were the standard issue uniform for American GIs deployed to Vietnam, special operations soldiers generally preferred more unconventional combat attire. Members of SEAL Team 1, for example, were known to sometimes patrol in blue jeans and boonie hats.

tiger stripe
Petty Officer Second Class Tom Keith of SEAL Team 2 wears tiger stripe camouflage while keeping watch along a stream with his Stoner 63A machine gun in 1968. Photo courtesy of the US Naval History & Heritage Command.

SEAL Team 2, on the other hand, adopted the fashion of their South Vietnamese counterparts and clad themselves in tiger stripe camouflage. Get to know all the facts behind this legendary camouflage pattern in this episode from Coffee or Die Magazine.

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