EMG SAI GRY – That extravaganza AR-15 style rifle!

The Salient Arms International GRY AR-15 rifle or SAI GRY lives at the cutting edge of firearm design. Developed by the master craftsmen at Salient, the GRY offers a unique choice for the discerning customer in a sea of cookie cutter AR-15s. The GRY is not just a wall hanger or a safe-queen, like all Salient Arms weapons the GRY was developed to function in the harshest environments, under the worst conditions and look good doing it.


The crown of the GRY is Salient Arms patented JailBrake muzzle device and proprietary rail. The SAI proprietary rail is a unique, first of its kind, quick change rail system that allows for easy in the field configurations, with no tools and without the loss of zero.

The JailBrake muzzle device is neither a concussion reduction device nor a simple muzzle break, it reduces recoil, flash and concussion, regardless of the muzzle device or flashhider used underneath it.

The GRY is the end result of Salients dedication to cutting edge innovation, reliability, craftsmanship and it’s thankfully available for airsoft use as well.

The EMG SAI GRY Gen2 features plenty of features for you to enjoy right out of the box, turning this AEG into a great performer and a high class training rifle too. Get a sneak peek at the features below.


  • Fully licensed Salient Arms design with Salient Arms trademarks stamped deeply into the receivers
  • Forged style upper and lower receiver
  • JailBrake railed handguard with SAI QD system for tool-less rail changes and removable JailBrake muzzle device
  • MOTS motor grip, G&P adjustable enhanced stock and USGI styled selector switch
  • Adjustable 5 position stock
  • Cerakote receiver and handguard reduces external finishing wear over time
  • Titanium nitride style “Salient Arms” mock bolt cover
  • G&P ver2 metal gearbox w/ pre-installed GATE ASTER Programmable MOSFET

Grab yours here >> www.evike.com/products

More product news from EMG Arms on our blog, can be found here!


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