The EMG Arms CYMA Platinum Noveske N4 has arrived!

This Airsoft AEG is pre-upgraded internally by cymagun so you can rock it right out of the box!

EMG Noveske N4 GBBR

Inside you will find a reinforced version 2 gearbox kitted out with a vast number of pre-upgraded parts including a high-speed motor, CNC steel 13:1 ratio high-speed gearset and the CYMA Platinum MOSFET to keep it all in check and allow the use of 11.1V LiPo batteries.

The Noveske N4 also packs a 6.03mm tight bore with an alloy rotary HOP-up unit, giving it considerably more range and accuracy than one might expect from a compact 10.5″ barreled setup.

Grab yours >>


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