Elite Force HK416 A5 ERG by KWA


Sunday = Gunday

Hit hard with the HK416 A5 ERG AEG airsoft carbine. The Electric Recoil Gun (ERG) platform provides you with a more realistic airsoft experience in one of the most iconic Heckler & Koch platforms, the 416 A5. This AEG shoots .20 gram BBs at 390 FPS and is equipped with an adjustable hop-up, flip-up iron sights, full length top picatinny rail, adjustable HK stock, Mid-Cap magazine and front quad rail.

The Elite Force HK 416 A5 ERG takes Deans Connector LiPo batteries and can be shot in either semi-auto or full-auto modes. In full-auto, this carbine has a 1200 round cyclic rate and comes with a mid-cap, 30/120 round magazine.

Grab yours >> www.evike.com/114266


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